Jay is careful of showing his magic after recent rumors

Yesterday, Jay Chou was invited as special guest on popular variety, Kang Xi Lai Le and was accompanied by his buddies Jeff Huang and Jaycee Chan.

Jay played the piano while Xiao S sang.

Jay showed his magic trick of turning a green bean into a pork dumpling where Xiao S made fun, “Very childish.” Due to the hot topic of Jay’s rumored relationship with “Monkey King Girl” Anli Chen, Jay suddenly expressed his feelings, “I used to show my magic tricks to anyone I meet. I would show them regardless who they were, so that’s why I don’t have any recollection (of who they were). But because of all the recent news, I’ve learned one thing, which is not to show my magic tricks to others so casually. From now on, I will have to confirm who they are first before I show them any magic.”

Jay also revealed on the show that he has a habit of not wearing any underwear. While being surprised, host Xiao S (Dee Hsu) immediately went over to "check" and confirmed that he really wasn't wearing any. Jay, feeling a bit embarrassed, asked, "Is it weird?" The set was filled with laughter at that point. Not that anyone was interested, Jeff Huang added, “I’m not wearing any either.”

The man likes to go commando.

Source: Appledaily TW, Chinatimes

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