Jay Chou makes ten million dollar MV

Jay Chou’s new album is set to release on May 18th. For his new single, “跨時代 The Era,” Jay has decided to direct a vampire-themed MV for it. In addition, he also invited model Lin Chi-Ling to star in the MV as well as spending a million dollars (NT) to make a special machine-like piano. The budget for the MV has surpassed all previous Jay MVs.

Jay reveals that the inspiration in writing “The Era” came from during the MV shooting for “喬克叔叔” (Qiao Ke Shu Shu / Uncle Joker), which was in his 2008 album, “Capricorn.” In just two and a half hours, he and his production team finished the demo and the dance choreography for the MV. As for the specially made piano for “The Era” MV, Jay jokes, “These tubes will burst out fire when you play madly on the piano.”

Jay also reveals that he will make use of the piano on his upcoming “The Era World Tour” concert to showcase to the fans. In order to prevent his songs being leaked, his latest and 10th album, “The Era” will be released on the same date across Asia. For those who have pre-ordered the album will get stickers that include the album cover as well as the concert tour poster in the size of a credit card.

In related news, Jay was reported to have taken the “Ip Man 3” movie project, but his manager clarifies that there has not been any contacts or negotiations made with any movie company.

Here's a 2 min preview of the mv:

Source: UDN / Video: gwendelyn96

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