Jay and Show end their feud after 44 months

Hugging, shaking hands, high-fiving, exchanging phone numbers, and arranging to play basketball together, the “once best friends” kings of pop music Jay Chou and Show Luo finally end their feud. A few days ago, Jay appeared on the live recording of Show’s variety, “100% Entertainment.” An hour before and during the live show, they chatted for a little over an hour. The feud between these two music sensations was finally put to an end after three years and eight months.

The hug...

Once good friends, Jay even wrote the hit song, “Self-Hypnosis,” for Show. But for a “woman,” their friendship turned sour. One explanation was that it was because Jay broke up with Jolin Tsai, due to Patty Hou, and Show chose to stand on Jolin’s side. Thus, their friendship slowly drifted apart. Another explanation was that it was because Jay thought it was Show who spread love rumors of him and Hebe. Although neither side clarified or confirmed any of these rumors, when Jay accepted Appledaily’s interview the year before, he mentioned that “a friend he has not kept in touch with for a long time” had done something very upsetting to him, which lead many to believe that this “friend” he mentioned was Show Luo.
Rumors say that Jolin was one of the reasons why Show and Jay's friendship turned sour.

In March of this year, both stars attended Amit’s (A-mei) concert and were arranged to sit in the same row, separated by three people in between, causing the atmosphere to become rather awkward. Jay said to Show, “Oh, why are you sitting so far away!” But they had very little interaction after that.

Last Saturday when Show held his concert at the Taipei Arena, Jay sent flowers to congratulate him. Furthermore, with the release of a new album, Jay did not avoid going on Show’s “100% Entertainment” like he did last time. The two had many interactions on the show like hugging, shaking hands, and even chatted after the show. Show gave his number to Jay and the two promised, “Remember, let’s go play basketball.” As for the pre-recorded, “Jay Chou’s singing competition” show, it will be broadcasted the day after tomorrow on 100% Entertainment.

Jay wrote, "Let all of Asia know that the Asian Dance King is here!  Press on~  Wish you success on the concert!!"

2001 June Basketball buddiesOften played basketball with each other. The longest they’ve ever played was 8 hours despite their lack of skills…

2005 August Slowly drifted apart The “double J” relationship came to an end due to Patty Hou and Show chose to support his good friend Jolin and so his friendship with Jay turned sour.

2006 September The scar gets deeperJay and Hebe were rumored to be in a relationship and it was also rumored that Jay believed it was Show who spread the news.

2010 May Feud comes to an end Jay sent flowers to Show’s concert to congratulate. At the celebration party after the concert, Show commented, “We’ve grown up,” indicating that they were friends again.

2010 May Becoming good friends againJay goes on Show’s 100% Entertainment to promote his latest album. They shook hands and hugged during the show and then exchanged telephone numbers afterwards, arranging to play basketball together again.

Source: Appledaily TW

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