James Wen rumored to be cheating on girlfriend of 13 years

The actor is rumored to be seeing dancer Irene Chen after they worked on signer Eagle Pan’s musical back in February. James Wen previously claimed that he was single at the time of his breakout role in the hit drama My Queen. It was eventually revealed that he has a girlfriend of 13 years after they were photographed together.

Friends of James Wen informed his manager that the media is keeping an eye on him and Irene Chen closely. In spite of the warning, the two continued to work closely and Chen often visited his management company to give him “dancing lessons.” Apparently, someone told her that Wen already has a girlfriend and asked her to have “self-respect.”

In response to the rumor, James Wen’s manager said, ‘Irene Chen is a very good dancer. We met from working together on Eagle Pan’s musical. Our company will be hiring her as a dance instructor, to teach James Wen to dance.” As for the status of his 13-year relationship with his girlfriend, she said, “His or his family private matters are not mentioned. I also won’t take part in them.” Irene Chen was not available for comment.

Source: Chinatimes

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