Jam Hsiao spends five million to renovate parents' home

As we previously reported, after making fifty million (NT) last year, Jam Hsiao decided to help his parents renovate their home. The 30 square feet apartment located in Wanhua has simply been falling apart where even the wood separating between rooms have been eaten away by termites. Jam originally wanted to buy a new place for his parents, but the ones he was interested in were all over a hundred million (NT). Jam sighs, “It’s so expensive that it’s upsetting.” Furthermore, Jam’s father doesn’t want to move to a new home either, so he has hired an interior designer to take down the walls and re-do them. It’s estimated to cost five million (NT) and at least four months to complete.

Jam’s parents are currently renting a place in Zhonghe to live in while their home is being renovated. Since Jam’s father knows a bit about renovating, he goes back home every day to watch over the workers. Jam laughs, “My dad probably wants to set up a tent and just sleep there! He even knows all the workers now!” But when Jam’s father noticed that reporters were around his home a few days ago, he quickly hid inside and refused to give any interviews, “This isn’t a good time..dirt is all over my body right now.” What’s funny is that although Jam’s father didn’t want to be on camera, he still came out to the balcony to see where the reporters were. While Jam’s father came in and out of the balcony, the reporters snapped photos like playing “hit the mole.” In the end, Jam’s father expressed proudly, “All the renovation fees are paid by my son.”

Jam revealed that even though no one in the family drinks, his father insisted on building a bar counter and the reason was, “Then the whole family can drink tea together.”

Jam, being filial, also hopes that in the future, he can buy a place for his parents where it’s equipped with elevators because he doesn’t want his mom to always have to walk up so many flights of stairs.

Source: Appledaily TW

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