Jackie Chan No. 1 on the "2010 The Forbes Richest List"

On April 29, 2010, the "2010 The Forbes Richest List" announced that Jackie Chan was ranked at the top with an income of more than 200 million yuan, followed by Jay Chou at 120 million yuan, making him in the lead among the China, Hong Kong and Taiwan singers combined, and coming in 3rd Andy Lau. Zhang Ziyi was ranked in 5th place, but in 2nd place among the Mainland artists. According to just income ranking, Yao Ming, Chinese basketball players, ranks the highest with more than 250 million yuan.

On the 7th release of Chinese celebrities this is the first time that three local artists made it top based on income and amount of exposure in the entertainment industry. Jackie Chan, 56 years old, had more than 200 million yuan income and strong popularity makes him No. 1.

In second place, Jay Chou, who diversify his career with singing, acting, and directing which raked in 120 million yuan of income. Whereas his ex, Jolin Tsai, was ranked 7th with 46 million yuan. In 3rd place, Andy Lau, who was the entertainment circle focus last year with news on his marraiage combined with his intensive workload, and income of 86 million yuan.

Coming in 4th, Yao Ming had more than 250 million yuan but that doesn't even compare to his 350 million yuan last year.

7th Forbes Chinese Celebrity List 2010

   1. Jackie Chan (actor, filmmaker, singer)
   2. Jay Chou (singer, actor, filmmaker)
   3. Andy Lau (singer, actor)
   4. Yao Ming (basketball player)
   5. Zhang Ziyi (actress)
   6. Zhao Benshan (actor)
   7. Jolin Tsai (singer)
   8. Donnie Yen (actor)
   9. Liu Xiang (athlete)
  10. Fan Bingbing (actress)

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