Jackie Chan buys Michael Jackson's glove as gift for son Jaycee

Jaycee Chan has just released his new album, “Luan,” in Taiwan, and to celebrate, father Jackie Chan bought Michael Jackson’s glove for two hundred and fifty thousand dollars (US) at an auction last month to give to Jaycee. Jaycee exclaimed, “This is the coolest present that my dad has given me in history!”

Jaycee has always been a huge fan of Michael Jackson. He especially love Michael Jackson’s moon walk and dance moves in the classic, “Beat It.” Michael Jackson’s music has also inspired Jaycee in many ways, “I hope that by composing music, I can lead the trend. I don’t want to follow what others do.”

Jaycee will be visiting Taiwan on next Wednesday, but he has turned down many invites to variety shows and events. He will be on a nine day marathon to film six MVs, directing them all by himself. For this, he has also turned down many invitations to perform on Mainland shows. He expressed, “I feel more pressured in directing than producing albums!” He will only be attending the event, “Jaycee’s MV modern dancing competition,” which is to be held on the 30th. The winner will get to appear in Jaycee’s MV.

Source: UDN

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