Huang Xiao Ming dances in front of NT$25million car

To film the MV for the second song, "Unbearable," on his newest album, MOOPA, Huang Xiao Ming dispatched a brand name car, a model, a well known director and image stylist -- going the luxurious route to create a princely image. Due to filming, Huang Xiao Ming has had a very limited time for promotions for his album. He can only put his best into the MV to appear at his best to get his fans to willingly purchase a CD. The other day, they shot the "Unbearable" MV in Beijing with a NT$25,000,000 Lamborghini race car. Huang Xiao Ming danced to this upbeat song in front of the elegant car and emitted his hot charm.

He turns into a photographer for the MV and handles a camera. Besides inviting the currently rumor plagued, Hong Kong model, Angelababy to participate, he also invited Japanese group Exile and Ayumi Hamasaki's personal stylist along with Taiwan's clothing stylist, Chen Sun Hua to design his look. In addition he also invited the famous MV director Lai Wei Kang. In short, from head to toe and from the singer himself to the MV shoot, everything is above standards -- showing the effort and heart Huang Xiao Ming is putting into his emergence into the singing stage.

 Left: Huang Xiao Ming & Angelababy / Right: Huang Xiao Ming & camera

Source: UDN,

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