Gary Cao takes over Kenji's number one spot for Seed Music and BMA

Seed music and bma held a press conference yesterday at Macao to announce the merge of the two record companies. Gary Cao, Landy Wen and nearly thirty stars of both companies attended the event, but Kenji Wu was absent because of falling ill.

After the label becomes “Seed BMA,” the company plans to invest two hundred million (HKD, ~820 million TWD) towards filming movies, music, and other entertainment businesses. They spent ten million (NT) to host yesterday’s press conference and a concert. For the poster, Seed Music’s number one man, Kenji Wu, who made over a hundred million (NT) last year, was placed in front center to indicate his importance, but by everyone’s surprise, he was missing from yesterday’s event. He did not take the plane to Macao and no one could contact him.

From insider news, Kenji’s contract has just ended with Seed Music, and thus, he is looking to sign on with another agency - Fortune Entertainment (大四囍). His missing act from yesterday’s event seems as if he does not want to renew his contract with Seed Music. Seed Music’s general manager says, “I’m very surprised (that he didn't come). It’s not the Kenji Wu I know. We can always discuss things over.” Fortune Entertainment on the other hand, expresses, “Everything is still in discussion. We have not yet signed the contract.”

Kenji was nowhere to be found...

Due to Kenji’s absence, Gary Cao was put in the spotlight, taking photos while standing beside the big boss. In response to the rumors of his two hundred million dollars (NT) contract fee, he smiles, “I’m very satisfied.” As for being called the “number one man,” he expresses, “If I’m the number one man in ‘working hard’, then that I can accept.”

Source: Appledaily TW

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