The ever changing styles of boy and girl groups

With the recent Korean wave, groups after groups of handsome guys and pretty girls are introduced into the music industry, but how do fans tell them apart?

Image styling takes a lot of thought into. Local groups S.H.E, Fahrenheit, Lollipop, Da Mouth, and newcomers Dance Flow understand that their group image needs to have unison but members need to have their own distinctive styles at the same time.

Derek Shih of HIM records’ project management has worked with S.H.E since their beginning. He analyses, “Right from the beginning, it was decided that the girls would have three different personalities. Selina is gentle, Hebe is confident, and Ella is courageous. We built their image according to those personalities.” But when S.H.E released their first album, “Girl Dormitory,” the members clashed in colors. Derek Shih explains, “We originally marketed them as a group that doesn’t wear uniforms, so even their clothes were in different colors. But we later realized that it was a little bit too colorful. It looked messy. So we gradually made some changes.”

For their latest album, S.H.E specially invited Johan Ku to design new styles with his famous knitwear while having slight differences between the members. When they attend award ceremonies, the members would find a main theme in their clothing style, and they would usually wear the same brand. What’s amazing is that the three of them won’t fight over clothes, but rather, give each other suggestions.

Not only is every member in Fahrenheit good looking, but they also have their own uniqueness. Although a different “temperature” was set for each member in the beginning, the concept didn’t quite work out. To summarize, Calvin Chen was spring, Jiro Wang was summer, Aaron Yan was autumn, and Wu Chun was winter.

Tossing away the seasons, Derek Shih explains that Fahrenheit has a clean, sunny, and youthful image, so their colors are uniform while details are important. They emphasize on each person’s distinct quality such as Calvin is knowledgeable but rather thin, so his clothes tend to have a lot of layering. Aaron is youthful and lively. Wu Chun has beautiful muscles but big thighs so the style of pants is very important. Lastly, Jiro has a body of a model, so he can simply wear anything or show it off.

With some members signing with a different agency, Lollipop is downsized from six to four members. Gold Typhoon’s Wu Hui Ling, vice in project management, expresses that they also work with a theme. A-wei has nice contours, so he often wears vests. Owodog is too skinny, so he must have more layering, but at the same time, he’s the trendy type as he can change into many new styles. Fabien loves pop rock style, so that’s what he goes with. William has a big head, so he can’t have too much layering and he also have to wear darker colors.

As seen in their latest album, Da Mouth’s new image is very eye-catching. All four members got new hair styles accompanied with strong colors.

Image stylist Li Da Qi for their latest album uses a futuristic theme with black and white and tailor made their clothes for the main cover. For their other set of clothes, they use vibrant multi-colors for each member, where many have criticized them for showing similarities to Korean boy group, Big Bang’s style.

Interestingly, after the new coed group, Dance Flow, revealed one of their style image, it happened to be the vibrant multicolor Benetton style which also ended up being criticized by netizens for looking like Da Mouth and Big Bang.

This eight member group consisting of four guys and four girls are in all shapes and sizes, making it a bit more challenging in designing styles for each member. They set two image styles for their debut album. The first is using grey as a theme while the other is using multicolor. Their stylist specially brought accessories from Japan and used them as part of their multicolor style image, but they couldn’t escape the fate of being criticized by netizens for showing eerie similarities to other groups. All that can be said is that they just happened to be following the same “new rave” in clothing style.

Source: UDN

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