Ethan Ruan denies leaving pregnant girlfriend & taking Esther Liu’s virginity

Rumors of Ethan Ruan’s future have been a topic in the entertainment pages for quite some time. He was reportedly working out a deal that would split his management contract between director Doze Niu and his modeling agency, but the actor has since denied such reports. More recently, his former manager Chen Xiao-Zhi accused him of breaking their contract, which he had signed at the age of 19. In addition to that, Ethan Ruan was alleged of abandoning his pregnant girlfriend in order to pursue his career. And that's not all; Chen now claims that the star had taken Esther Liu’s virginity back when they dated for half a year.
Ethan Ruan once dated Esther Liu when they filmed Green Forest, My Home

The current issue of Next magazine reported that Ethan Ruan once had a girlfriend by the name Yvonne. She was apparently pregnant when he decided to leave Taichung to pursue his career in Taipei. In response to the allegations, Ethan Ruan said, “I don’t know Yvonne at all, (I) don’t even know how to pronounce her name, or how to spell it phonetically, and don’t even know what she looks like.”

Ethan Ruan treated the news like any other gossip, but he was extremely angry over Chen Xiao-Zhi’s accusation. According to the report, Chen said he heard from friends in Taichung that the star flaunted about taking Esther Liu’s virginity. Ethan Ruan responded, “I’m most angry about bringing Esther Liu into this. It’s very bad to say something like this about a girl. I can put up with anything in the past, but this time it’s not something I can do.” He still remembers going on dates with Esther Liu accompanied by her mom, “Her mom is very strict. With news like this, (I) really don't know what her mom will say to her.”

After countless rumors and accusations over his love life, Ethan Ruan openly confirmed the identity of his 4 past and present girlfriends - Chang De-Lin, Esther Liu, Joanna and Tiffany Hsu. He declined to name those whom he had dated before entering showbiz, “The girlfriends prior to my debut are regular people. I’m not in the position to disclose.”

On the left: Chen Xiao-Zhi
On the right: Ethan Ruan with Tiffany Hsu

As for his contract woes, Ethan Ruan confirmed that he did sign with Chen Xiao-Zhi, but he “was only 19 at the time, mom was my legal representative, and she didn’t agree to it.” He said, “(Chen) hasn’t appeared in 8 years, why did he suddenly appear?” Ethan Ruan’s company said their lawyers are taking care of this matter. They believe that contracts signed before the age of 20 should not constitute any legal effect. In response, Chen said, “Ethan Ruan was already 19 when he signed the contract, but he told everyone he was underage at the time, as if he was lying with his eyes open.” He is suing for 3 million (NTD) and said the money will be donated to charity.

Source: Appledaily

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