Eddie to take over Ethan's new drama role?

For an unconfirmed drama project titled “鍾無艷” (Wu Yen), recent rumors have surfaced that SETTV is looking to cast Ethan Ruan and Cheryl Yang again as couples. Unfortunately, drama fans of “My Queen” will not be able to see this popular pairing again as Ethan has turned down the offer. Thus, SETTV is now turning towards the newly actor-turned-singer Eddie Peng to take over. It won’t be the first time for Eddie and Cheryl to work together because they have previously been in the CTS drama, “我只在乎你” (Only You, 2005).

Previous rumors pointed out that Cheryl and SETTV’s relationship turned sour after she turned down acting in “那一年的幸福時光” (The Happy Times of That Year). Now SETTV hopes to rebuild their good relationship as they hope to cast Cheryl in the new drama project. Although the project is still unconfirmed, Eddie’s management company reveals that they have indeed been contacted, but it is still in discussion. Eddie is currently in the midst of promoting his new debut album.

 Eddie and Ethan became good friends after filming the drama, "Wayward Kenting" together.

Source: Liberty Times

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