Drama crew says: Viter was possessed!

After the scandal of Viter Fan revealing details of Cyndi Wang’s “first night,” Viter has yet to express an apology to Cyndi. Viter’s only response has been, “I still need to take responsibility of my words, (so) I must apologize to all the women in the world.” Despite apologizing to “all the women,” he does not mention Cyndi’s name. It turns out he has been ordered not to mention the name, “Cyndi Wang,” as investors for his upcoming drama, “就是要香戀” (Just Want a Sweet Love), have stated that they will file a lawsuit against Viter if he does.

According to inside sources, the drama production crew believes that Viter might have had a “ghostly encounter,” causing all the recent turmoil. It was on April fools' day that Viter posted past photos of him and ex-girlfriend Cyndi on Facebook, and then followed by the magazine interview where he talked about Cyndi’s virginity. During those times, the drama crew felt that he did not seem like his usual self and had symptoms of being “possessed.” Feeling worried, the drama crew has even gone as far as lighting a Good Fortune Light (光明燈 / Guang Ming Deng) and prayed for good luck for him at the temple.

Viter's new drama, "就是要香戀" will start airing on CTV on May 30th. 

Source: Appledaily TW, Liberty Times, Chinatimes

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