Donnie Yen doesn't want to make another Ip Man

Donnie Yen’s highly anticipated movie IP Man 2 finally hit theaters and took in an impressive 3.70 million (HKD) on its opening day in Hong Kong. The “Universe Strongest” was joined by his wife and in-laws at the Madame Tussauds museum to reveal his wax figure. Mrs. Yen praised “Wax-Donnie” for its resemblance to her husband, but the real Donnie dissed the figure for being too short.

After becoming the top-earning actor of last year, Donnie Yen continues to be on a roll in 2010. He is reportedly being paid 20 million (RMB) each for his next four movies, with the exception of The Legend of Chen Zhen, in which he is making a “modest” 16 mil. Donnie Yen is also in talks to star in an action movie with Thai superstar Tony Jaa next year. Despite his “universe-price”, many filmmakers in the industry are saying he is well worth it.

Although Ip Man 2 is expected to be a huge hit, it is getting some very tough competition for Iron Man 2. Donnie Yen was reluctant to comment if he is confident about Ip Man 2’s chances. He quoted a line from his movie, “If you ask me whether winning is better, or going home for supper is better, I would choose going home for supper.” He also said there are too many Ip Man-related films being made. Therefore he won't consider making a third Ip  Man even if the sequel is a big success, “Quit while you’re ahead! I don’t want to be the same as other people!”


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