Cyndi Wang will make her first post-scandal appearance on the 14th

Cyndi Wang has returned home after the much talked about “first night” scandal made headlines recently. Her school performance originally scheduled for the 29th was canceled, as well as recording sessions that were to take place later this week. She is expected to make her return on the 14th of next month in a Teresa Teng memorial concert in the mainland. As for Taiwan, she will be performing as the final guest at a concert organized by Youtube on the 22nd. Fortunately, her popularity has actually risen rather than decline in the midst of the scandal.

As for Viter Fan (better known as the most hated man in showbiz), he has been hiding out in his home and refused to answer any calls. Edward Ou, the former Meteor Garden star who claimed to be Wang’s first love and denied taking her virginity, has been charge with theft in a case from last year.

Source: AppledailyTW

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