CTV will air Viter Fan’s new drama after Down With Love

Viter Fan “First Night” crisis has caused endless headaches for everyone involved in his new drama 就是要香戀 (roughly translates to Just Want a Sweet Love). The production denied rumors that their investors wanted out due to Fan’s poor image. They stressed the cast is currently busy filming, and they will soon travel to Vietnam to film on location. CTV confirmed yesterday that the drama will be Down With Love’s successor after it finishes its run.

CTV said they decided to air the drama as planned after considering the cast’s hard work and serious performance. They don’t want to do the actors injustice just because of one individual. Apparently, investors have watched Viter Fan’s previous work before filming started and approved of his acting skills. They acknowledge the public’s negative opinion on him, but they respect the team’s performance. However, it was unfortunate that the actor might have ruined his own career.

CTV is also feeling very helpless regarding the “First Night” crisis. They believe an artist’s image is very important, so they have asked Viter Fan to remain silent and focus on his acting. Although the drama has yet to hit the air, netizens are already wondering if Viter Fan’s character will be granted the ending of death. The production said idol dramas are not like their prime-time counterparts, in which their stories can be adjusted whenever required. They revealed that two thirds of filming have already been completed, so script changes are unlikely to happen.

Source: Chinatimes

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