Crowd Lu says no to Yao Yao's Love Embrace...again

Strange but true.....It has long been reported that “Otaku GoddessYao Yao and “Genuine OtakuCrowd Lu are not exactly on the best of terms. To make a long story short, their “feud” started last year when Crowd Lu was asked if he likes Yao Yao, in which he answered “Otaku's have good taste too”!

Many entertainment reporters eagerly awaited last week's Youtube Music Day, as it would have been their first encounter since the comment was made.  Yao Yao's record company was asked if she would be willing to take a picture with Crowd Lu, which they answered, "A 'Love’s Embrace' is okay." Unfortunately, Crowd Lu’s company declined the offer saying “it would be too deliberate.”

At the Youtube concert, Crowd Lu’s performance was followed by two other singers before Yao Yao hit the stage. During her interview, Yao Yao said, “(I) haven’t seen him, (I) look forward to it, since I liked him very much in the past.” She frankly admitted that she was hurt by his comment.

Although they would have met in the resting area, Crowd Lu stayed in his company car instead and went directly on stage when it was his turn. His staff strategically kept the two stars apart to avoid any photo op that everyone has been waiting for.

Here are fancams of Crowd Lu and Yao Yao at Youtube Music Day from cathy12201979's Channel

And Yao Yao drops her phone in the bathtub (preview for the upcoming Ni Yada from SETTV's Channel)
Rough translation: "My aunt Ni Jian-Guo, 25 years old. My mom said…She only grew her chest, not her brain. ‘Just one look, just a little bit only…No way…It can’t go down further…Ah….My phone!'"

Source: Appledaily, Chinatimes, cathy12201979's Channel, SETTV's Channel

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