Claire performs singing "on a tree" on One Million Singer

With top record of passing 8 stages previously, Claire Kuo went back to challenge the stage on One Million Singer again. This time round, Claire couldn’t go farther than stage 5. In one of the rounds, the show’s crew specially prepared the category, “Champions of various music charts,” which continued Claire’s previous hit single and KKBOX chart topper, “Singing In The Trees.” But that was not all. A special guest was also invited to help Claire with the song…acting as a “tree”.

The surprise guest turned out to be the leader of Monster, a cheer leading team that Claire used to be in before debuting as a singer. Just like the song, Claire sang while sitting on the “tree”. Host Harlem Yu refused to let Claire come down before she filled in the blanks to the lyrics, “If you can’t get this right, you can leave with the tree and you don’t need to come down.”

It looks like Claire and her senior from Monster weren’t the only ones to perform a lift. Joseph Ma and Xiao Tian Tian volunteered to try the lift. Although their lift wasn’t as elegant, it definitely caused a lot of laughter on the set.

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