Claire Kuo wants a boyfriend after being single for 7 years

A press conference was held to celebrate Claire Kuo’s upcoming fourth album, “Your Friend,” which is to be released on May 14. At the event, Claire revealed that she has been single for seven years. Due to this, her record company decided to give her a ten-thousand dollar pink crystal bear to wish good sales for her album as well as good luck in finding a boyfriend.

For the album, Claire has found two of her good friends, Bianca Bai and Joe Chen Qiao En to star in her MVs (Encore Lala and Chat). In addition, Mickey Huang specially returned to Taiwan (from Mainland) to host her press conference.

Since Mickey and Claire have been good friends and that Claire has been single for 7 years, Claire was asked if there was a chance for the two of them to date. But Mickey immediately responded, “Impossible! Every time I chat with Claire, she’s always talking about Donghae from Super Junior.”

Claire later revealed that she sometimes feel lonely and shed tears and expressed that her criteria for finding a boyfriend is rather simple, which is as long as it’s a guy and the feeling is right. But it’ll be a bonus if he has Rain’s mouth and Satoshi Tsumabuki’s eyes.

Clip of the press conference:

Source: UDN

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