Claire Kuo declines appearing on Liang Chen Live

Due to Blackie’s resignation, CTiTV’s new variety, “Liang Chen Ji Shi” (Liang Chen Live) has been surrounded with heated debate. Claire Kuo, who has just released her latest album, “Your Friend,” originally planned to attend the show's recording last night, but she withdrew just before the show.

Linfair Records explained that due to Blackie’s resignation, the show had to reorganize its content and so they called upon Claire last minute hoping that she could help them out.  They arranged to have her perform three songs on the show. Right after Claire was done with her fifth and last piece of work, which was a radio interview, she immediately rushed to the “Liang Chen” set.

It was after she arrived that Linfair Records found out what the content of the show was. It turned out the show was going live and that there would be a call in segment to discuss about Blackie’s departure, which was hugely different from what they had previously discussed. Due to the discrepancy in content, as well as considering that the topic was inappropriate for the songstress' image, Linfair decided to have Claire withdraw from appearing on the show even though she had already arrived on the set.

Vincent Liang (right) was the only host of the night.  Variety regulars Wang Jian Min and Lotus Wang showed their support for the show.

Source: UDN

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