Cheryl Yang receives praises for her latest bra commercial

The actress hasn’t been seen in Taiwan for nearly 3 months as she is busy filming the mainland adaptation of All About Eve. Luckily, fans got to see plenty of Cheryl Yang in her latest bra commercial. The usual poison-tongued netizens even praised it for not being just another skin-filled underwear ad.

Cheryl Yang plays a dual role in the commercial and battles herself in a sword fight. Its theme was to showcase the difficulty of choosing between the "Queen" and "Princess" style of underwear. The actress underwent fencing lessons prior to filming, and her instructor was onset to provide some guidance in case there were any incorrect moves. Cheryl Yang is thrilled with the positive response and revealed that it took 12 hours to film the commercial.

With the end her mainland filming in sight, Cheryl Yang is already excited about returning home. She said, “(I) really miss Taiwan’s spicy hot pot, oyster noodle and stinky tofu.”

(Is it just me or does this feel a little Mask of Zorro-inspired?)

Cheryl Yang's commercial from counterheart's Channel

Source: Appledaily, counterheart's Channel,

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