Chang Yun-Jing apologizes for not getting nominated

The Super Idol season 1 champion Chang Yun-Jing wrote on her blog to express her feelings after hearing that she did not get a nomination for the Golden Melody Awards. She wrote, “(I’m) sorry, I’ve let everyone down,” to her supporting fans.

Chang Yun-Jing can’t help but feel disappointed, “Because there’s only one in a life time chance to get a nomination for the best new artist award. I really wish that I can be recognized in my home town.”

When the nominations were announced, the staff was congratulating A-Mei Chang on her ten nominations, while also feeling disappointed for Chang Yun-Jing for being left out. The staff would give her a pat on her shoulders to express their support. Chang Yun-Jing described, “At that moment, receiving that kind of support meant more than words.” Chang Yun-Jing then cheered herself, “I just like singing on stage. It’s my dream. From now on, I will sing my best on stage.”

Chang Yun-Jing released her first album, “Unprecedented,” on May 8th of last year and was heavily promoted by her record company Gold Typhoon. And within a year, she has received 15 newcomer awards since her debut. Although she did not receive a GMA nomination, she can try hard again for next time as her second album is set to be released soon. Regardless of the results, her fans continue to express their support for her, “You are already the best newcomer in our hearts!”

Source: UDN

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