Calling For Love calls upon its supporting cast to promote the drama

After months of delay, Mike He and Charlene Choi’s Calling For Love is finally ready for broadcast on CTS. The two stars previously promoted the drama last October. Unfortunately, their effort was wasted after it failed to obtain a broadcast approval from the mainland's censorship bureau. If everything goes as plan, fans can expect to see Calling For Love on TV later this month, but they won't be seeing much of the two stars in its promotion.

Mike He participated in several variety shows last year leading up to the originally intended broadcast.  He was criticized for being expressionless and was in fact hurt by the comment.  Although he is busy working on another drama and promoting a new movie, his manager stressed that they are trying their best to promote Calling For Love. Mike He appeared as a guest on CTS’s Power Sunday last week, and will schedule three days for the drama’s press conference, book signing, etc… His costar Charlene Choi is busy filming in Hengdian and won’t be able to attend any promotion.

Supporting actors Tracy Zhou and Chen Zhi-Kai were given the responsibility of hitting the variety circuit, but interest on them has been limited. The two attended a taping of Million Primary School and only managed to answer one question correctly. Calling For Love will be under some ratings pressure when it premieres against the finale of Down With Love this month.

Source: Chinatimes

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