Blackie resigns from his new show after just one episode

“Blackie” Charles Chen announced on Facebook that he is leaving Liang Chen Ji Shi (Liang Chen Live) after one episode. The new talkshow, which he cohosts with Vincent Liang, invited the much-talked about “Monkey King-Girl” Anli Chen as their first guest.

For those who might not be familiar with her, Anli Chen recently starred in a popular video game commercial, in which she played a female version of the Monkey King. She became a household name after revealing that Jay Chou has driven her in his Batmobile and even brought her to his “secret” room (full of stars, apparently...) The former WAHSH member later retracted her claim and said the entire scandal was the work of her manager.

Having spent numerous years in showbiz, Blackie is known to have many friends in the industry including Jay Chou. Prior to broadcast, Blackie criticized Anli Chen for taking her stunt too far. He said she shouldn’t be stepping over people’s shoulders in order to make her way into showbiz. Despite their hotly-discussed guest, ratings for Liang Chen Live only averaged at 0.20%.

During the show, Anli Chen was put under a lie detector test, but netizens didn’t seem to buy the gimmick at all. They commented, "How would it be accurate if (her) heart rates for lying and drinking water are the same!" "The mindset of this girl is very suspicious. If she wants to clarify then she should clearly explain everything!"

Anli Chen is hot topic these days...

Blackie felt he was under great pressure after the broadcast, “This is first time I feel so bad after hosting a show!” He announced his resignation on Facebook within 24 hours of airing, “Today I have decided to resign from the hosting duties on Liang Chen Live….. In regards to the inconvenience created for the staff and others by my resignation, I feel very sorry, truly very sorry, but for now, this is the only right decision I can make for myself…”  .

In a press conference held earlier today, Blackie explained that he is leaving as the nature of the show conflicts with his neutral standpoint.  He said he doesn't feel comfortable with discussing the hot topics as they often involve his personal friends.  He announced that he will host his last show tonight and share his feelings with the audience during the broadcast.

Source: Nownews

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