Black & White movie to feature three award winning male leads and more

"Black & White" had originally planned to announce its cast list at Cannes, but has now moved its official announcement about its three male and four female leads to mid-June. Besides Golden Bell Awards winner, Mark Chao, both Golden Horse Awards winner, Bo Huang 黃渤, and Hong Kong Film Awards winner, Simon Yam Tat-Wah 任達華, are only a contract signature away from being confirmed. It will be a grand film with the three best male actors as leads.

The comedy and action route of Black & White will be similar to Will Smith's "Bad Boys." Mark Chao's policeman, Wu Ying Xiong will be working together with Bo Huang's triad member. With different personalities, the two will often create much conflict and jokes. Simon Yam will be acting as a high ranking intelligence official with fewer scenes, but will be very crucial scenes. Producer Wolf Chen expressed that they plan on getting Ethan Ruan for a guest appearance, but have not yet discussed it with him yet.

Black & White's Ivy Chen and Janine Chang will appear, once again, in the film. But there will be two additional female characters who will be more important. One is the woman of the triad boss who can make men give up everything for her. It is possible that the role will be acted by Ady An. The other is similar to the powerful role of Lara Croft from "Tomb Raider" and is constantly being hunted down in the film. Currently, no suitable person has been chosen for the role.

The set budget for Black & White has gone from NT$100,000,000 to NT$300,000,000. Bo Huang and Simon Yam's pay were quite high, and when added along with Mark Chao's, the three male stars will consume nearly NT$20,000,000 of the budget. Because filming has been delayed to July, the release of the film has also been postponed until May of next year.

Source: Libertytimes

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