Barbie Hsu says she won't fall in love with Peter Ho

...not unless it's the end of the World that is...

Summer’s Desire doesn't premiere till this Sunday, but Barbie Hsu and Peter Ho are hitting the variety circuit to get the word out about their drama. The two visited 100% Entertainment earlier this week, followed by Kangxi Lai Le and University.

Barbie Hsu’s appearance on 100% Entertainment was her first in four years. The former host revealed that she actually visited the set last year to support Show Luo during his Internet dating scandal. Da S and Peter Ho talked about their new drama and showed a preview clip during their interview.  Interestingly, after she described Peter Ho's character as possessive and manipulative, Da S looked over at Show Luo with a laugh, “Aren’t you that kind of man?”

Over at Kangxi Lai Le, Da S was asked if she and Peter Ho would become a real life couple, since he confessed about his adoration for her to the media two years ago. Da S responded on the show saying there's an 80% chance that she won’t fall in love with Peter Ho, while the other 20% won’t happen unless it’s the end of the world! Xiao S quickly mocked her sister’s taste in men and said she only likes "guys who are boring, unpredictable and have very bad skin when they are off-screen.”

Da S demonstrates what Peter Ho does to get his way...

Although Peter Ho might not her ideal type, Da S did praise him for being a producer that doesn’t mind putting himself down. She said whenever her filming schedule exceeded what was agreed in the contract, he would go to her makeup room to talk to her, and even kneel down half-way to watch her getting her makeup done. The gesture made her feel so bad that she would agree to all his requests in the end.

Da S also revealed that her costar's nickname is “Big Eagle”, “Peter Ho had a scene in which he wore a tight pair of swimming trunks. After he finished changing, the entire crew waited for him with their cameras ready, so he could only smile awkwardly and pose for us.”  Peter Ho said he is in fact quite proud of the nickname, so much so that he had even consider getting his "Big Eagle" insured.  Unfortunately, his insurance company turned him down saying it was too....unusual.

Peter Ho lifts frightened "University" student...

Source: Nownews, UDN

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