Barbie Hsu experiences the life of a celebrity assistant

Barbie Hsu (Da S) will soon be returning to TV with her highly-anticipated idol drama Summer’s Desire. In the early episodes, the actress plays a recent highschool graduate that takes on the job of a celebrity personal assistant. In addition to bowing to the stars, she has to tie shoe laces, carry luggage, as well as drive them to the doctor. Her character even gets humiliated by Coco Jiang in the drama, “What makes you think you can make it in showbiz? You just want to treat this like a springboard, why don’t you check yourself in the mirror!”

Although Da S is already an A-Lister in real life, her role put her back in the shoes of a celebrity assistant. Her character eventually entangles in a complex relationship with Peter Ho and Huang Xiao-Ming.  The actress described their love as suffocating and cruel. As for the drama, she said it is “extremely merciless, ruins everyone’s fate, and it’s so tragic that one’s spirit would want to escape.”

In order to match her character’s “seaweed-like dark hair and ivory white skin”, Da S would relentlessly apply sunscreen despite being covered in sweat from the heat of the shoot. She was teased at first by her male costars for hiding under an umbrella in between takes. However, Peter Ho soon realized the problem when the director complained that his tan doesn’t even match the shade he had before. He learned his lesson and started running for Da S’s umbrella whenever they get a break.

Preview from FTVCP's Channel

Summer's Desire will premiere on FTV this Sunday, May 30th.

Source: Chinatimes, FTVCP's Channel

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