Ariel Lin reveals the secrets of her weight loss

Ariel Lin graces the cover of the new issue of Beauty magazine and talks about the five secrets of her weight loss - Eating at the right time, avoiding leaves on vegetables, releasing toxins through massage, walking 10,000 steps everyday and only eating fried food made with grape seed oil.

Ariel Lin said, “Fruits are good for the skin and body, but it has a high water content, as well as a lot of sugar. Over-eating will lead to weight gain.” She sounds like a nutritionist from the clinic when she talks about food, and even memorized their calories and nutritional values. She stressed that no matter how low the calories are, food must be eaten at the right time in the right amount, and whether they belong in the “cold or warm” categories.

And that wasn’t all. Avoiding starch at dinner is no big news, but avoiding leaves on vegetables is the smart way to go, “Leaves are from the ‘cold’ category. Eating them at night affects the digestion cycle, and does no good for weight loss.”

When asked how she lost her baby-fat, she said, “Don’t underestimate the importance of putting on lotion.” Doing massages while applying lotion helps to eliminate excess water. Moreover, water intake should be limited to 900cc since fruits and soups provide enough water already.

Ariel Lin also has her own philosophy on exercising – if it is within walking distance, then she will walk instead of getting a ride. She would take a stroll with her mom, walk the dog or even run errands for others to accomplish 7000 – 10,000 steps everyday. In order to lose weight, Ariel Lin revealed that she hasn’t eaten any fried salt ‘n pepper chicken for four years. She said she doesn’t avoid all fried food, but she does choose the type of oil carefully. Like grape seed oil for example, which has a boiling point of up to 190 degrees. She said frying food in this oil is less likely to develop toxins, so it is healthier for the body and better weight loss.

(Note: Ariel Lin is an award-winning actress but not a registered dietitian.  Dieters are strongly encouraged to consult with a doctor before embarking on any diets.)

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