Ang Lee and Tang Wei rumored to be making Teresa Teng biopic

It will be 15 years since of the death of legendary singer Teresa Teng on May 8th.  Her life has always been a subject of interest for filmmakers, but the Teng family has never given their permission to put her story on the big screen. According to rumors, they have finally authorized her biopic to be directed by Ang Lee and starring actress Tang Wei.

Teresa Teng was one first Taiwanese singer that rose to immense popularity in the mainland. After her death in 1995, many in the Chinese entertainment industry paid their tribute to her in their own ways. Faye Wong released an album with remakes of her songs, while director Peter Chan's movie Almost a Love Story included her death in the storyline.

Director Ang Lee is set to make the movie Life of Pi this fall and will be tied down with post-production/promotions next year. Despite potential scheduling problems, investors of the Teresa Teng biopic are willing to wait for the Ang Lee/Tang Wei combo. The Teng family is said to be satisfied with the choice of Tang Wei as the lead, because her temperament and the shape of her face resemble Teresa Teng's.

In response to the rumor, Tang Wei's manager denied that she has been contacted by the production.  The actress made her breakthrough with 2007's Lust Caution but was eventually banned in the mainland due to her role in the movie. She recently made a comeback with the film Crossing Hennessy and will next be seen in Late Autumn with Hyun Bin.

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