Alice Ke won’t break up with Wang Po-Chieh before the end of the world

Monga’s Alice Ke admitted she is dating actor Wang Po-Chieh on Kangxi Lai Le, who happens to be four years her junior. She shrugged her shoulders and said, “It’s almost the end of the world anyways, so talking about it shouldn’t matter.” The two have been spotted together many times after collaborating on the drama Play Ball, but both have denied that they were in a relationship. When asked if she has ever thought about breaking up, she responded, “Before the end of the world, we won’t break up!”
On the left: Alice Ke with Chen Han-Dian as "Mark Chao"
On the right: Wang Po-Chieh

Near the end of the Kangxi taping, Kevin Tsai suddenly asked cohost Dee Hsu, “Do you know who Alice Ke’s rumored-boyfriend is?” He quietly told her it was in fact Wang Po-Chieh. In return, she asked Alice Ke, “That should be true?” The actress nodded her head and said, “En (yes).” She revealed that they have been dating for a year after they met while filming. She praised him for being the best looking male star in her eyes, and hope they will work together again in the future.

Regarding her bed scene with Mark Chao in Monga, Alice Ke said she had a discussion with her boyfriend, but he didn’t mind since it was part of her job. She explained there was actually no body contact in the scene because they filmed from various angles. A surprised Dee Hsu responded, “The kissing was real in my own bed scene with Nie Yun from before! (He) was even on top of my body!”

Source: Chinatimes, Libertytimes, Nownews

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