AK sells their album for $1!

Just after their mini concert, AK was already back performing on the streets of Ximending as licensed street performers. To celebrate the success of the concert, they lead a group of close to a hundred overseas fans (from Japan, Thailand and Hong Kong) to tour around Taiwan – taking them to Tamsui via subway, as well as introducing them to Taiwanese snacks. Afterwards, they headed back to Ximending where AK sold 168 copies of their latest album “WOW” for just a dollar!

The limited 168 copies were sold out within five minutes and AK explained that the reason behind this $1 sale is for good luck. The number “168,” when read in Chinese, sounds like “continuous fortunes.” AK’s hard work has already been rewarded as they made it to top 3 in album sales. AK expressed, “When we were performing on the street before, we were always singing other people’s songs. This time, we’re mostly singing our new songs. It feels great!”

Since their mini concert was well received in Taipei, fans of Taichung and Tainan complained for not being able to enjoy AK’s performance. Thus, their record company has announced that AK will hold three more concerts (May 22, 23, and 29) at Taichung and Kaohsiung to satisfy all the fans.

Source: UDN

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