AK dances till their pants rip

AK (Andy Chen and Kris Shen) held their first paid mini concert yesterday afternoon at Luxy, attracting 800 fans. They sang and danced their hearts out, performing songs from other boy bands such as Little Tigers, F4, Fahrenheit, Super Junior-M and more. When AK sang Kinki Kids’ “There Are Wings On My Back” and Super Junior-M’s “Super Girl,” the fans screamed in excitement non-stop.

AK had been preparing for the concert for two months and expressed that it felt “very unreal,” like a dream. They gave themselves passing scores for their overall performance – Andy gave himself 65 and Kris gave himself 70 out of 100. To showcase their talent, they used a live band for the concert and rocked out with Jam Hsiao’s “Princess” and Mayday’s “Leaving The Face Of The Earth,” but they went a little off-pitch and even ended up ripping their pants during a dance routine.

Many good friends from the entertainment circle came to show their support such as Tammy Chen and Chris Yu. Even Peter Ho rushed back from Shanghai to attend.

 Andy and Kris had their fair share of "rips."

Clip of the concert
When AK got a little emotional during their speech, fans shouted, "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" making AK feel rather awkward...

Source: Appledaily TW, UDN

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