Ady An to replace Ivy Chen as triad boss' daughter for Black & White?!

Left: Ady An is a popular choice in Mainland dramas /
Right: Ivy is currently filming a new drama with Hu Ge

The movie version of Black & White is still in its casting stage. Several days ago, Ady An and Director Cai Yue Xun met, and rumors say that Ady is to take Ivy Chen’s role as the “triad boss’ daughter.” Upon hearing this news, Ivy cried out, “Why do I have to read the newspapers to find out that I’ve been switched?”

However, producer Yu Xiao Hui shakes her head and laughs, “She’s really too funny. This is already the third time. Every time there are rumors, she’ll say that she has been switched out of her role.” A few months ago, there were already rumors spreading in Mainland news about Ivy not being on the casting list, and this time, because Ady attended an auditioning session for the movie, it has caused (once again) Ivy to feel insecure. Even Janine Chang was worried and called producer Yu to verify.

Producer Yu explains that the movie will have four female roles. Both Janine and Ivy will stay in their original roles, “Chen Lin (Ivy’s character) will forever be Ivy Chen.” But with more people, it’s expected that Ivy’s screen time will also decrease.

Then what role will Ady An be playing? Producer Yu assures that it will not be the triad boss’ daughter, “It’s still not confirmed yet as to who will play the role. We are still deciding between three actresses, but Ady An does indeed fit the role in the script very well. The director just wanted to meet her to understand more about her.”

Ady An on the other hand, expresses that she admires Director Cai a lot and is interested in working together with him, but they have only just met and everything is still in discussion – arrangements would also need to be made in terms of her schedule.

Ady will also be taking part in the new movie, If You Are The One 2, to act alongside superstars Ge You and Shu Qi. In addition, Ady has returned to Huayi Brothers Media Corporation, where they have recently announced in Taiwan that they have signed a management contract with Ady to take care of her responsibilities in both Mainland and Taiwan.

Ivy Chen is currently in Beijing filming the drama, “摩登新人類” (roughly translates to Modern new species), with Hu Ge. Although it’s their first time working together, Hu Ge describes Ivy as being a ‘microwave’, “She’s so easy to get along with. She doesn’t seem like a girl at all. She warms up to anyone in just three seconds!”

Source: UDN

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