Xiao Xiao Bin wants to shed some weight

The cutie is determined to drop those dreaded pounds after his grandma recently commented that he is “getting fatter and fatter, and looks ugly on TV.” Xiao Xiao Bin has taken the initiative by sticking to veggies at lunch and let his brother Mini-Bin have the meat. He even asked his grandma to make him some tea because, “TV ads said drinking tea helps with weight lost.”

His dad Xiao Bin Bin definitely opposes the diet plan, “He’s only 5 years old, 21 kg, 110 cm, why dieting?” Xiao Xiao Bin wants to follow the footsteps of his P.S. Man costar Blue Lan, “Because Blue GeGe said being vegetarian is very healthy, in addition to losing weight.”

No worries, Xiao Xiao Bin’s signature chubby cheeks should be here to stay. His dad said, “Xiao Xiao Bin has a sensitive body type. We are very cautious with his diet, especially seafood with shells, because they would cause a reaction right after. He shouldn’t need to lose weight. I think he was just talking about it, only to follow Blue Lan as he is vegetarian. He ate a drumstick when I gave it to him at home, he even ate ribs, and then he quickly forgot about the promise he made earlier.

Source: Appledaily

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