Will Pan wants to give cross-dressing a try (again)

Will Pan was announced as the new spokesperson for L’oreal Paris Men’s skincare in Beijing yesterday. He has some big shoes to fill because the brand has previously been promoted by stars like Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Wu.
Clear skin and excellent teeth!

During the filming of the commercial, Will Pan said his face was splashed with water 30 times and had to look as if he was really enjoying it. He also revealed that there will be some major changes in the music style of his next album, which is expected to be released at the end of this year.

Several male stars caught a lot of people's attention after posting photos of themselves dressed up as women. Since he is a trendy-man himself, Will Pan was asked if he would consider cross-dressing. He said, “I want to give it a try too, but my feet are too big, so (I) can’t fit into heels.”

Taiwanese singers like Jay Chou, David Tao and Leehom Wang became directors of their own movies in recent years. Will Pan was asked if he plans to join them (in directing), he said, “Everyone has a different path of development. I don’t have any plans yet.” Nevertheless he did say he was interested in doing movies, “I really want to act in something like Monga. I feel I’m capable of playing a negative character, or a homeless man, even Brother Sharp is okay.”

Pan-Shuai will need a serious tan if he wants to become Pan-Sharp...

And Will Pan has definitely dressed in drag before!

Source: 163.com, rayli.com.cn, sublimesvariety's Channel

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