A-Wei stars in Kevin Lin's new MV

Following his collaboration with Super Idol season 1 winner Chang Yun-Jing, Kevin Lin releases his second single, “放晴” (roughly translates to “Sunny Day”). He specially invites A-Wei of Lollipop to star in a light hearted love story for the MV. Despite this photo, Kevin will not be playing A-Wei’s love interest, instead, Kevin’s 15 year-old niece will appear on-screen for the first time and even give her first on-screen kiss to A-Wei. This “One Day in Kaohsiung” love story starring A-Wei with Kevin’s under-aged niece has stirred up many discussions. A-Wei replies, “Maybe because I look too sincere and honest?”

In any case, Kevin fully supports A-Wei and says, “It’s been hard work on him because my niece has never done any acting nor been in a love relationship before. A-Wei had to work very hard to gain her trust in order to guide her into the mood.” A-Wei reveals that he asked the MV director to speed up the shooting while Kevin was not there. He explains, “Otherwise, I would not be able to guide her (in acting) along the way since I would feel a bit embarrassed due to his presence.”

The two youngsters had to film back and forth on the streets of Kaohsiung and riding through five different express train stations. Kevin laughs, “They were sweating ten times harder than I was.”

Source: UDN

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