Viter Fan and Cyndi Wang is the ugliest breakup in Taiwan showbiz

On April 26, Yahoo Kimo started the poll, “The ugliest breakup in Taiwan showbiz.” After just two days, Viter Fan and Cyndi Wang have received over ten thousand votes, obtaining 60-percent of the total number of votes. Harlem Yu and Annie Yi sit at second place, while Xiao S (Dee Hsu) and Mickey Huang are in third.

Without a doubt, the Viter-Cyndi ex-couple has been the hottest topic of the month. First, on April fool’s day, Viter released a past photo of him with Cyndi. Shortly after when he was interviewed by a magazine, he spoke about his "first time" with Cyndi and revealed that Cyndi did not give her “first night” (virginity) to him, which caused many heated discussions amongst netizens and criticisms regarding Viter’s ethics. Although Viter made a public apology to Cyndi just days ago, the impact of his actions is obvious. The poll conducted by Yahoo Kimo is to end on May 3rd, but the Viter-Cyndi ex-couple is already way ahead of the rest. Viter did not comment while Cyndi’s manager expressed, “We will not respond to anything related to Viter Fan anymore.”

In second place, the Harlem-Annie ex-couple has gained 2,800 votes thus far. The two were married nine years ago, but the year before, Annie was infamously photographed with actor Huang Wei-De (黃維德) holding hands together. Harlem and Annie announced their divorce last year March. Recently, the discussions of this ex-couple has risen again as Harlem has just held a concert and Annie has returned to Taiwan to release an album.

The Mickey Huang and Xiao S ex-couple follows close behind in third with 2,200 votes. After nine years since their breakup, Mickey releases a new book revealing that he had once lived together with Xiao S for half a year.

Source: Appledaily TW

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