Van Ness Wu goes shopping with his new girlfriend in HK

Van Ness Wu got a little break after his new film The Killer Never Kills was delayed. The star of Autumn's Concerto was spotted shopping in Hong Kong with his new girlfriend yesterday.  He wasn’t able to hide his happiness as he fixed her hair when they were riding the escalator. He waited patiently while she was shopping, and didn’t even get mad when reporters followed them. Van Ness Wu didn’t answer when he was asked if she is his girlfriend or a close friend. Instead, he avoided the question and asked someone nearby, “Did you want to take a picture with me?”

His manager Katie remained tight-lipped about the identity of the woman. Van Ness Wu’s new girlfriend is said to be 160 cm and over 25 years old. She won’t reveal her name and said, “You can identify her as Miss A. She doesn't work in showbiz, so she was frightened when they followed and photographed her. (I) can’t say too much.” Miss A is apparently also an ABC and a friend of Van Ness Wu, but they only started dating about one month ago.

After breaking up with Vivian Hsu in 2005, Van Ness Wu dated someone outside of showbiz for a year. He became baptized in 2007 and announced that he would stop premarital sex. He previously said he was looking for someone who put God first, so Miss A must have met his condition.

Source: Appledaily, Libertytimes,

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