Tangerine falls victim to Sodagreen's Tsing-Fong

Yes, Tsing-Fong is holding a tangerine in his hand. Sodagreen put on an entertaining show at the Kenting Spring Wave Music Festival on the 3rd, performing last. The group took the opportunity to celebrate guitarist A-Fu’s upcoming birthday. As a form of sending his blessing to his band mate, lead vocalist Tsing-Fong humorously imitated Night Market Life’s Lei Hung and squeezed a tangerine in his hand. After bursting the tangerine open with juice flowing from his hand, he then asked birthday boy A-Fu to eat the tangerine, which made the crowd scream in excitement. Sodagreen originally planned to perform, “Hurry home” during their encore, but because the show passed its time limit, they had to end their performance early.

Other singers who performed at the event included Van Fan, Fish Leong, and Jam Hsiao. Van Fan, whose popularity skyrocketed after the mega hit movie, “Cape No. 7,” sang a total of 16 songs for a little over an hour. Fish Leong rearranged her love songs into unplugged version, showing off her excellent singing skills. Many fans wished her happiness in her new marriage. Jam Hsiao rushed to the event after performing as a special guest at Liu Jia-Chang’s concert. Jam rocked the stage by singing the English songs, “I don’t want to miss a thing” and “It’s my life.”

Source: UDN

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