Taiwan’s “Susan Boyle” Lin Yu-chun knocked out of Million Star

Internet sensation Lin Yu-chun, who has been labeled as Taiwan’s version of Susan Boyle, was knocked out of contention on Taiwanese talent show competition Million Star. Due to his poor performance from excessive practice, he received only 17 points out of the maximum 25 points given. For reference, his Whitney Houston performance that shot him to internet stardom garnered 24 points out of 25 at the time.

Fortunately, Yu-chun’s fame has not yet faded, as the international media has been requesting for his presence, ranging from his upcoming interview with Japan’s Fuji TV, further interview interests by broadcast stations in Beijing and Shanghai, and calls for him to audition by various record companies. What makes Yu-chun happiest though his seeing his father’s eyes expressing how proud he is of his son.

“Little Fatty” Yu-chun went back to his part-time job related to musical instruments, and with his burst of fame, he said, “I still haven’t thought about the future, and after being dubbed by the Taiwanese media as “Auntie Susan”, he has been interviewed non-stop throughout the day. Upon returning back home after one o’clock in the morning, the lights around his house were still on, and his mom laughed and said that the house was receiving so many phone calls by people regarding his television appearance, while his dad nodded and said in one sentence, “You can do it!”

Yu-chun also laughed and said that his mom and younger sister were more enthusiastic, with his younger sister using a distinctive dolphin-like voice over the call during the day and shouting, “Brother, I saw you on TV!” Even though his dad used to be a soldier and rarely showed emotion, Yu-chun knew that his dad was looking forward to his performance, and even expected it to be a goond one.

Recalling the past, Yu-chun said that after he graduated from college last year, his dad saw him go on the path to singing and once had some harsh words by saying, “If you are going to sing, there was no point for you to study in college in the first place.” Fortunately, his mom got the both of them to settle things down, and afterwards Yu-chun worked part-time to pay off his tution and decided to start training first chance he got.

After reporting back to his musical instruments job, when asked why he chose to go back to a position that paid NT$15K (US$500) a month, he thought about it and responded, “My boss treats me well, and I feel that I can be close to music! If I take another job, I would be farther from music, and I’ll slowly end up abandoning music altogether.”

Source: UDN

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