Super Idol’s top 10 get new looks

The top ten contestants won’t be officially announced until next week’s episode, so it might be a good idea to skip this one if you don't want to find out who got cut...

The 4th season of Super Idol started back in November of last year, and they finally down to the top ten after 5 months of competition.  The ten contestants got their much-needed makeovers, but as always, results can varied from amazing to atrocious -- even when it is done by professionals.By  the looks of their “family photo”, some contestants are probably wishing that they never had one:
Clockwise starting from the left: Luo Qing, Dora Wu (Wu Wen-Fang), Kuo Shoa-Hsuan, Sasha Li (Li Ya-Sha), Singger Liu(Liu Hsing-ge), Nick Chen (Chen Jian-Yi), Edgar Zhao (Zhao Tai-Xiang), Hu Zhen-Huan (on the floor), Ceng Yu-Jia, Kim Seul-Ki

The show’s ratings have been steadily improving as it now sits at number 3 overall for Saturday night, and even surpassing its lead-in One Million Singer. However, like every other televised singing contest, Super Idol is not without controversy. The show is already getting some backlash from netizens for heavily promoting contestant Ceng Yu-Jia as Taiwan’s Susanne Boyle. It remains to be seen if he will be able to carry his momentum to the final.

The top 10 were introduced to the media in their new looks yesterday. Contestant Dora Wu had her signature long locks cut off, which left her looking like a life-size version of Xiao-Wan-Zi. She joked that the “Chibi Maruko-Chan family” is now complete, as Hu Zhen-Huan got his hair styled like classmate Hua-Lun, and Kim Seul-Ki’s perm-job made him look like Xiao-Wan-Zi’s mom.

Source: Nownews

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