Since debut, Wonder Girls’ Chinese album still fails to land on major Mandopop charts

Late last year, Korean music label JYP Entertainment made plans to solidify their presence in the Mandopop market by debuting their flagship group Wonder Girls with a Chinese Mandarin language album. The gamble, which required abandoning the label’s heavy promotions in America that has yet to come close to reclaiming their investment, signaled a shift in direction by JYP Entertainment’s CEO Jin-young Park to make up for the Wonder Girls’ costly venture in the American pop market.

Since news of Wonder Girls’ new direction into the Mandopop market, the girls of JYP Entertainment’s flagship group have released their first Mandopop market with much fanfare from fans and intrigue by the media both within and outside South Korea. Hoping to have a repeat of the success by fellow K-pop industry colleagues Super Junior-M, the end result has only emulated the missed opportunities experienced during their experiment in the Western music market.

The most tangible metric of their performance in the Mandopop market can be seen in album sales. In terms of album sales, prominent music tracking service G-Music showed that Wonder Girls performed dismally in the more competitive and financial lucrative Mandopop music sales chart by failing to exceed 0.30% sales penetration since their Mandopop album debut. In comparison, Super Junior-M’s latest album peaked at 16.88% sales penetration in the same Mandopop chart.

The Wonder Girls have not fared any better in the Mandopop music charts, another key factor in measuring the success of artists in the Mandopop market. KKBOX, a leading music chart for Mandopop for metrics such as measuring popularity of music singles, have yet featured Wonder Girls’s latest Chinese Mandarin language version of “Nobody” on their competitive Weekly Top 100 Singles since the their Mandopop debut. For comparison purposes, Super Junior-M’s highest ranking on the same singles chart was for crowd favorite “Super Girl”, which peaked at #56.

Following the Wonder Girls’ underachieving results in both the American pop market last year and their disappointing showing in the Mandopop market a little over a month ago, JYP Entertainment has hopes that four of the original members and new member HyeRim will fare better with their upcoming May album geared towards their core audience base in South Korea. The debut single off this album will also see simultaneous releases in both America and China as well, in a move to try to maintain their current presence in both music markets.

Peak Mandopop Album Weekly Music Sales in Past 6 Months (Source: G-Music):
Artist Album Sales (%)
S.H.E. SHERO 45.46%
Show Luo Rashoman 41.73%
Yoga Lin Senses Around 33.22%
F.I.R. Fairyland in Reality 30.73%
ELVA Diamond Candy 29.45%
Yao Yao Love’s Hug 28.18%
Mayday DNA World Tour 26.57%
Rainie Yang Rainie & Love ....? 26.17%
Landy Wen Dancing Queen 21.39%
Jam Hsiao LOVE Moments 20.47%
... ... ...
Super Junior-M Super Girl 16.88%
... ... ...
Wonder Girls Wonder Girls < 0.30%

Source: KKBOX, G-Music, MTV Taiwan, The Chosun Ilbo

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