S.H.E share their hearts

Last night, S.H.E shared a night of secrets together with Tao Zi and 200 audience members. With alcohol as a catalysis, the barriers in front of their hearts dissolved. Ella openly spoke about her many failures in love. She always impulsively loved someone, "No matter what mistakes they made, I still, regrettably, continued to love the other person." But when the topic moved onto he mother's sacrifice for their family, her tears suddenly started to drop and when speaking about her paternal grandmother -- "[she] is currently in a wheelchair, and doesn't respond to much" -- Ella started crying loudly leading Selina and Hebe to say that she had drunk too much.

When asked "What do you see as most important in a boyfriend?", Hebe spoke bluntly, "It should be that Selina looks for their abilities, personality, and outward appearance. Ella used to think that looks were most important, but it should be that now she looks at personality." However, Selina laughed and denied it at once. Hebe also spoke about how Selina once called her boyfriend on the phone, but because of he was busy, he asked her whether it was something important. "Unexpectedly, Selina protested in a playful voice, "Speaking to you is the most important thing."

Source: UDN

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