S.H.E kicks Show off number 1 with girl power

Just last week, Show Luo tied Jolin Tsai’s ten-week number one record with "Rashomon." S.H.E shows off their girl power and takes over the top spot this week on both g-music and Five Music with their new album, “SHERO.” S.H.E expresses that they will celebrate by treating themselves to hot pot. After being busy with promotions, they say, “No matter what, we must eat a big meal today. We’ve really been working too hard this month.”

It’s the ninth year since S.H.E’s debut and fans have waited a year and a half for “SHERO.” Following their previous works, “My radio Station,” and “Miss Universe,” “SHERO” further promotes female empowerment in pop-rock style, reaping in great success.

Source: Appledaily

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