Rainie faces the uneven bars and dancing with Jerry Yan

In the countdown to her concert, Rainie Yang has decided to challenge her limits. She has been painfully training to swing on the uneven bars and sing while bent backwards. She practiced until both her knees were bruised, her whole body ached painfully, and had to find a qigong and tui-na (Chinese therapy methods) master for treatment. The effort she is placing into this is on the level of Jolin's pommel horse jumps. When the two were compared by the media, she praised Jolin's astonishingly strong arms, her unwavering dancing. Despite the training being painful, after succeeding, she has more of a sense of accomplishment.

Last week, Rainie and Show Luo received the award for the most popular male and female singers and Rainie was choked with tears at the press conference. She revealed that the pressure on her concert was huge and had been defeated by the dance moves many times. That, along with Xiao Zhu (Show)'s words, moved her to think about their drama and the affirmation of their achievements in singing, and moved her to tears.

Rainie often eats a lot and sings KTV as stress relief. However, she has to maintain her figure for the concert and protect her voice, so these methods cannot be used. Fortunately she has her loving dog, Yumi to accompany her, ridding her of her negative sentiments.

Special guest, Jerry Yan took time the other day to rehearse with her, personally gave her his photobook, and even sent a SMS to her afterwards to encourage her. Rainie said that that day she dared not touch his chest muscles and could only steal a touch of his arms, which felt very sturdy. She hopes that she can gather her courage on the day of the concert to dance with him fearlessly.

Watch Rainie's efforts

Source: UDN

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