P.S. Man extends its lead over Down With Love

P.S. Man further increased its lead over Down With Love this past Sunday after they were separated by 1% two weeks ago.  The two dramas' average ratings were 4.44% and 2.96% respectively, while a P.S. Man special that aired after the drama took in an impressive 3.34%.

On Monday's WQYL, viewers got to see Xiao Xiao Bin contemplating his first ever “action sequence”. His character was teased by another boy for not having a father. The scene requires some physical action but Xiao Xiao Bin didn’t feel comfortable about pushing other people. His dad Xiao Bin Bin became his stunt coordinator and taught him a few secret moves from the family.

Xiao Xiao Bin completed his first action scene like a "real man".  His costar Blue Lan joked that they would be drinking and hanging out with girls in the next scene. He even offered to send over two girls from the kindergarten to him. Fortunately, Xiao Xiao Bin is a man/boy of principle and said “No!” to Blue Lan’s offer.

After filming was completed, Xiao Xiao Bin surprised everyone as he got down on both knees to beg for forgiveness from the other child costar.  He made a cute face and said, “Sorry please forgive me. I shouldn’t have fought with you. I’m wrong.” The adults were shocked to see his actions but the stunt turned out to be the P.S. Man's own idea. When asked about his dad's advice on doing the action sequence, Xiao Xiao Bin looked at him with admiration, “My dad is very ‘Man’, with very big muscles!”

Xiao Xiao Bin says he has been a "real man" ever since he was young...

Source: Chinatimes, CNA, gar0922's Channel

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