Peter Ho and Huang Xiao Ming go shirtless for sake of ratings

In hope for big ratings at the start of the show, FTV/GTV's Summer’s Desire will follow the trend of having its male leads shirtless in the first two episode in order to seduce the viewers. Peter Ho, who has previously done underwear commercials, was asked to go on screen with only his swimming briefs. Despite his previous experience, he still felt a little uneasy, “I asked the director if I could wear swimming trunks instead, but the director said that swimming trunks does not show enough pride, so he forced me to wear swimming briefs.”

Peter expressed that he felt like he was the monkey being watched in the zoo during the filming of the scene (while in his swimming briefs). He explained, “We were filming at the pool at the hotel and it was open for all to see. Although we were filming on the weekend and closed off the area, the floor above could see the pool in full through the windows. While I was filming downstairs, many people watched from above.”

But Peter, who is also the producer of the drama, was determined not to be the only one in humiliation, thus he requested Huang Xiao-Ming to join him, “Originally, Huang Xiao-Ming was not required to show his upper body in the drama, but I decided to strip his shirt off.” Peter revealed that he specially added the scene of Huang Xiao-Ming changing his clothes where Barbie Hsu suddenly barges into the room.

So between the 186cm tall Peter and the 175cm tall Huang Xiao-Ming who has a better body? Peter carefully responded, “Our bodies are not built the same. Xiao Ming is bigger while I am slimmer.”

Source: Appledaily TW

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