Male idols postpone military service wtih extended education

The Ministry of Defense recently announced that they plan to implement voluntary military service in 2015. Those who are born after 1994 will only need to undergo 4 months of military training. Unfortunately, a group of “veteran-student-celebrities” won’t be eligible to take advantage of the new policy. Top idol stars like Ethan Ruan, Joe Cheng and Ming Dao are unlikely to escape the dreaded one-year mandatory military service.
Ming Dao studying hard...

Several days ago, the Ministry of Defense announced that alternative military service will be history after the implementation of a voluntary system in 2015. Military duty will no longer exist. However, those born before 1994 who postponed their military service, they might be assigned one year of alternative service instead.

Many male idols are postponing their military services, most notably the group from Hsing Wu College. “Veteran student” Vic Chou became the first one to get off as he was exempted from military service in 2007. He was rumored to be suffering from psychological disorders but he has never openly admitted it. Other Hsing Wu students including Ethan Ruan, Joe Cheng, Mike He and Joe Chen from Energy are already in their 6th year of studies. These idols are delaying their military service so they can make the most out of their careers, as well as retaining the always-changing hearts of their fans.

However, the most exaggerated cases are Ming Dao and Bobby Dou Zhi Kong. The two actors are already in their 9th and 10th year of studies. Ming Dao started from the National Changhua University, Jinwen University of Science and Technology, and eventually made his way to Tungnaa University. The two stars have spent twice the amount of time that an average student would have at college.

Male idols are often criticized for attempting to dodge military service. Ethan Ruan responded yesterday, “Military duty is an obligation of a citizen. I definitely won't hide from it, when the time comes I will go.”

Ming Dao also commented through his manager, “I have always wanted to fulfill my military duty. Men should enter the military. (I) previously discussed about it with my company, but they thought it should be pushed back until all my work has been completed for the time being.” Joe Cheng’s manager said, “There was never any intention to escape, because (he) has to work and study at the same time, so it’s taking longer. When his studies are completed, (he) will go to the military.”

Source: AppledailyTW

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