Lin Yu-chun’s epic Whitney Houston performance amazes western netizens

On the April 2nd broadcast of Taiwanese talent show competition “One Million Star”, the chubby yet lovable Lin Yu-chun 林育群 graced studio audiences live and Taiwanese audiences on television with his epic delivery of Whitney Houston’s vocally-challenging ballad “I Will Always Love You”. It didn’t come as a surprise when the blogging community and discussion boards started buzzing with praise on Yu-chun’s performance at the time.

What is surprising though is when Yu-chun’s performance reached western audiences virally to the point that it started appearing on social media and news sites. Even major English language social news site, whose traffic current ranks at #100 out of all websites in the world, featured Yu-chun’s performance with similar praise by western netizens who compared his wonderfully shocking performance to Susan Boyle’s majestic vocal performance on last year’s “Britain’s Got Talent”.

Lin Yu-chun 林育群’s performance of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You”:

Source:, Aiya They Didn’t

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