Leehom turns into a monkey and hugs a mystery woman

..... He didn’t do both at the same time but isn't nice to see what he’s been up to?

Leehom Wang became an idol-turned-movie director this past January for the film Love Announcement. His directorial debut reportedly cost 35 million (NTD) to make. The grandest scene of the movie was filmed last month in Shanghai, in which Leehom was dressed up like prince charming but his face was painted like a monkey. He performed for 48 hours and attracted 35,000 fans who were there as extras to fulfill his movie dream.

Leehom Wang debuted 15 years ago and has been crowned Golden Melody Best Male Singer 2 times. He has participated in several movies previously, but his interest in acting became serious after Ang Lee’s Lust Caution in 2007. Following his role in Jacky Chan’s Little Big Soldier, he was even inspired to write his own script. Leehom originally planned to write and act in his own movie, but his ambition eventually led him to take on directing as well. He was spotted at the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology earlier this year, and the surprise appearance attracted many female students who wanted to get a glimpse of their idol.

This film is said to be an inspirational youth comedy. Leehom plays the idol singer Du Ming-Han, who tries to relieve the pressure of fame by disguising himself as a student. Although the life of his character is like a mirror of his own,  Leehom was recently seen dressed like a homeless man in the streets of Shanghai during filming.

He finally returned to his idol-self on the 27th of last month to film a concert scene. He invited HK Film Awards Best Art Direction winner Yu Jia-An to paint a mask of the “Monkey King” on his face. The stage was complete with lighting and sound effects that cost a whopping 20 million (NTD).

In addition to the hardware, Leehom’s official website also offered free tickets for fans to attend the event. On the day of filming, the Shanghai Hongkou Stadium was filled with fans from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Korea. The 35,000 fans shouted his character’s name “Du Ming-Han” in accordance to the drum beats. Leehom appeared wearing silver and white, along with his hard-to-miss face mask. He showed off his athleticism with a mix of Beijing opera and street dancing, plus several jumps in between. His performance took the show to its climax as if it was a large scale concert in real life.

It was Leehom's first time directing a big scene at this scale. He was seen carefully arranging the position of his stand-in, while switching between the role of a director and actor. He said, “(I) have to put my full effort on stage, while rationally observe the results.” He even continued filming after re-injuring his leg that had a previous injury. After two days of filming, he proudly said, “Du Ming-Han’s concert has even more highlights than Leehom Wang’s.”

In addition to Leehom, (his costar from Lust Caution) Joan Chen, Chen Han-Dian and Crystal Liu are also starring in this movie. Filming will resume in Taiwan, and the movie is expected to be released in August.

And here’s the “hug”...

Leehom Wang was spotted celebrating with friends at a nightclub after filming was completed in Shanghai. He seemed slightly drunk and initiated a hug with a woman dressed in red. The woman appeared to be around 30 and held onto him like a “Koala Bear”.

Love Announcement's crew went to the Muse nightclub around midnight and didn’t leave until 6 am. The somewhat-drunk Leehom suddenly hugged a light-skinned woman who was dressed in red. A male friend looked on in shock as the two looked liked a pair of conjoined twins. Leehom’s manager explained that there were about 150 staff members at the scene and the woman was his film editor Dou Dou. Leehom said everyone was like his comrade and his manager also pointed out that Dou Dou is already married.

Source: Appledaily TW

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